24th & 25th October 2021

About Vietnam Conference

The International Conference on Applied Science Engineering and Technology (ICASET-2021), scheduled to take place in the marvelous city of Vietnam, to be held on 23rd & 24th October 2021 will concentrate on setting the bar for productive prospective trends in the fields of engineering, applied sciences, and technology. This international colloquium has been especially planned with the aim of presenting notable results and hurdles in the technology, engineering, and applied sciences sectors. It aims at bringing researchers, specialists, practitioners and academics in all disciplines of the applied sciences, engineering, technology, and management, for the proliferation of independent investigative results, distinct procedures and developmental methods that produce tangible outcomes.

Theme of the Conference

The International Conference on Applied Science Engineering and Technology (ICASET-2021), scheduled to take place in the wondrous city of Vietnam, is themed encompassing the many notable outcomes and brand-new challenges in the applied sciences, engineering, and technology areas. This conference endeavors to pull collectively researchers, authorities, authors, and scholars in all spheres of engineering, the applied sciences, and technology, and present a worldwide tribunal for the propagation of fundamental investigative outcomes, innovative strategies, and developmental applications that concentrate on both policies and utilization.

Objective of the Conference

Research Scholars


Industry Professionals(CEOs, CMOs, Vice-Presidents, Directors, GMs)

Practitioners (Brand Specialists, Head of Marketing)



Editorial Board Members of Journals



PhD Scholars

MBA/Msc. Students

Government Officials

Technology Experts



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Welcome Message


Peter McCaffery

Former University Vice-Chancellor

Consultant in Higher Education
Vietnam, United Kingdom

I very much look forward to welcoming you to ICASET 2021 here in Vietnam.

The demands made upon higher education leaders are greater today than they have ever been. Universities have experienced change over the last generation unprecedented in their 900-year long history and higher education is in fundamental transition.

Effectiveness as a university leader requires practitioners to adapt to an ever changing environment of complexity and ambiguity. They must, in essence, master four essential pre-requisites: comprehensively know their environment; know their university; know their department and know themselves as individuals.

This presentation focuses on the new higher education environment and on how we can develop our own mastery - of the “4 Knows”! - of university leadership.


At least one author for every accepted paper is required to be registered for the conference for that paper to appear in the proceedings and be scheduled for the presentation. Participating members may register as per the following charges

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Supporting Journal

Indexed supporting journals of ICASET 2021 published by renowned publishers will provide with the opportunity to publish full papers following the peer review process. Authors are encouraged to read scope and choose the best fitting journal.

Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems

ISSN : 1943-023X

Test Engineering and Management

ISSN : 0193-4120

International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

ISSN : 1475-7192

International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development

ISSN: 2249-6890

International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences

ISSN: 0975-7538

Universal Journal of Mechanical Engineering


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