The International Conference on Applied Science Engineering and Technology (ICASET-2021), scheduled to take place in the marvelous city of Vietnam, , to be held on 23rd & 24th October 2021 will concentrate on setting the bar for productive prospective trends in the fields of engineering, applied sciences, and technology. This international colloquium has been especially planned with the aim of presenting notable results and hurdles in the technology, engineering, and applied sciences sectors. It aims at bringing researchers, specialists, practitioners and academics in all disciplines of the applied sciences, engineering, technology, and management, for the proliferation of independent investigative results, distinct procedures and developmental methods that produce tangible outcomes.

Delegates of this conference will be provided the astounding opportunity to associate with eminent specialists from their particular domains, using the occasion to gather everyone unitedly in a tribunal and to present their views in diverse nations.

The International Conference on Applied Science Engineering and Technology (ICASET-2021) endeavors to secure the chasm between specialists and research experts in diverse fields and this sort of long-term vision is responsible for the ‚Äčlaunching of this unbelievable and unprecedented enterprise linking specialists from all areas. This convention is designed specifically to equip participants with the intellectual know-how and expertise that they will not be able to obtain anywhere else.